With the increasing range of beard care products, that question can really drive one crazy. So what is the difference between oil and balsam for beard?

oil balsam Oil for beard is a blend of essential oils, which is applied to hair and skin, as well as vitamin E. Since this is oil, it can easily penetrate the skin, reducing itching and smoothing hair.

Balsam for beard, on the other hand, also contains essential oils, as beard oil does, but it also contains beeswax. Balsam provides an easy grip and can help to tame the most disorderly beard hairs while maintaining their natural appearance. Some choose one of these products, while others prefer to use both of them. This is an individual approach and it depends only on personal preferences.

Oil for beard is means of essentials for many men because it performs different functions. It is easy to use for beard of any length, starting from 10-day bristles. It provides:

  • softness of the beard;
  • nutrition for hair and skin;
  • reduction of itching;
  • beard thickness and gloss;
  • attracting the gentle sex with amazing aroma of your beard.

When it is preferable to use a balsam? Balsam for beard is a perfect solution for occasions when you need to tame unruly hair. It provides reliable control over the appearance of a beard and keeps its shape for at least a day. So, as a balsam has a denser texture than oil, it envelops each hair and beard making visually thicker.

If you do not like glitter that oil gives to your beard, the balsam is more appropriate for you, as it provides a matte finish and therefore is almost invisible. Balsam can also be used for a short beard, it will provide the right care.

Balsam provides:

  • nutrition of hair and skin;
  • thickness of the beard;
  • reliable stacking;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • it can be used as a light mustache wax.

These products have some similarities, but they are intended to achieve different results.

So, let's sum up.

Oil for beard is the main product for nutrition of hair and skin, preserving the natural shape of the beard.

Balsam for beards also provides a good care of the beard, as well as it attaches and fixes the desired shape, tames disorderly hair.

Beard oil can be used every day, and balsam – 1 or 2 times a week. The best way is to put these on clean damp hair when hair cuticles are open and absorbing all the nutrients. However, all this is at your own discretion. Some men use a balsam every day, especially those who work outdoors. Under these conditions, the skin and the hair become dry and look untidy, so they need frequent care and moisturizing.