Review Of Retrograde Ejaculation Disorder


Retrograde ejaculation is a condition which can generally be described as a state in which semen is conveyed to the urinary bladder instead of passing through the urethra when an individual ejaculates. It is a normal process for the sphincter of the urinary bladder of a healthy individual to contract prior to experiencing an ejaculation. The purpose of the contraction of this muscle is to allow semen to come out through the urethra. Semen usually passes through the urethra since this is a clear passage for them. Retrograde ejaculation is thus caused by the inability of the sphincter to contract thus allowing semen to find their way to the urinary bladder.

Signs and symptoms of retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation Dry orgasm is another name that is used to refer to this condition. Among the factors that lead to the state of men being infertile is retrograde ejaculation. Most men usually realize that they are victims of this disorder once they notice that they have not released any semen during sexual intercourse or even during masturbation. The ejaculatory duct can at times be blocked and this blockage can also be another leading source of retrograde ejaculation disorder.

The process of ejaculation usually involves several critical steps. First and foremost, sperms come out of the epididymis and pass through the tiny tubes which are referred to as vas deferens. Retrograde ejaculation takes place when muscles found at the narrow part of the bladder are not strong enough to prevent entry of semen to the urinary bladder. The weakness of these muscles can be as a result of the destruction of the nerves that usually run them.

Causes of retrograde ejaculation

There are a number of causes that lead to an individual being affected by this disorder. Among the possible causes of retrograde ejaculation are the inability of the nervous system to function properly and cancer of the testicles.

Diagnosis of retrograde ejaculation

An individual can be diagnosed to be a victim of this disorder through the process of urinalysis. Urinalysis is a process which involves doing a number of tests on a sample of urine which should be collected just after the patient ejaculates. Someone is thus confirmed to be suffering from this disorder when strange amounts of sperms are found in the tested urine sample.

Treatment of retrograde ejaculation

This illness is treated depending on what has caused it. For cases of severe damage of the nerves and the sphincter muscles, taking of medicine cannot be effective but if the disorder is detected early enough, it can be easily treated through provision of appropriate medication to the patient.