Dapoxetine Side Effects

People exhibit varied reaction to drugs. It is difficult to anticipate which side effects one will have from taking a certain medicine or whether any side effects will be pronounced.

Dapoxetine side effects typically pronounce themselves as nausea, dizziness, among others. Dapoxetine has effects on the ability to drive and use machines. It has a minor influence on this. The reported side effects include; Blurred vision, dizziness, somnolence and disturbance in attention syncope. The patients should be advised to avoid using alcohol since this increases alcohol-related side effects and neurocardiogenic adverse events like syncope which may increase risk of being involved in accidents.

During phase 3 clinical trials, nausea was reported as a side effect.

11% nausea side effects in people who took 30 mg of the drug was reported while 22.2% was reported in people who took 60 mg of the drug.

side effects dapoxetine 2% fatigue side effect was reported in people who took 30 mg of the drug while 4.1 % for those who took 60 mg of the drug.

Dizziness side effect (5.8 % and 10.9 %) in 30 mg and 60 mg of the drug respectively was reported.

Diarrhea ( 3.5 % and 6.9 % ), headache ( 5.6 % and 8.8 % ) and insomnia ( 2.1 % and 3.9 % ).

Nausea and dizziness were the most popular adverse events leading to discontinuation. Where dizziness ( 1.2 % of depoxetine-treated subjects ) and nausea ( 2.2 % of dapoxetine-treated subjects ) were reported.

Another adverse effect was syncope, this was visualized through a loss of consciousness among some users of the drug. Sinus arrest and bradycardia was observed in users with Holter monitors. These symptoms were reported during the clinical trials and were considered to be related to the medicinal product. Most of the cases occurred during the initial three hours after dosage. The occurrence of prodromal and syncope side effects are dose dependent. This has been exemplified by the elevated incidences among individuals treated with higher doses. The frequency of syncope was characterized as a loss consciousness during the trial. The loss of consciousness may be accompanied with fainting, light headedness or palpitations. Confusion and sweating before fainting may occur. Users are advised to lie down with the head lower than the bony in case the symptoms for fainting occur. Orthostatic hypotension is another side effect that was observed during the clinical trials.

The abrupt discontinuation of dapoxetine is known to cause symptoms such as irritability, dysphoric mood, dizziness, agitation, confusion, sensory disorientations, lethargy, hypomania and paresthesias of the genitals. Users also reported a drop in blood pressure on sitting up or standing. The inability to have an orgasm may also be experienced by some users.